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GOP Republican Debate – tricks and shushes


At 7:00 pm yesterday (I live in Texas, so CST not EST!), my roommate and I huddled together before my Mac to watch the GOP Debate. For the nosy ones, we are students and yes, we do not own a TV – our Macs/laptops are our world!!

This was the first time I was watching the debate live – I used to spend the precious 30 minutes that I would find during my other mornings to watch the videos of the previous GOP debates. I was super excited to watch this one! I believe that GOP debates provide the forum for the public to touch base with the problems plaguing the world and to find out what the political leaders are intending to do to resolve the issues. Given the fact that the only bias I had was against Trump, I was keen to know the other Republican candidates and their say on, well, everything that matters. After almost three hours of entertainment, I realized the following –

  1. Trump is a MUCH bigger bully than I thought him to be. Boos from the audience don’t shake him and if people don’t agree with his views, they must be the opponent’s donors. I mean, think about it, how can a person with even a small amount of sensibility not agree with his maniacal thoughts?!!


    Haven’t we all evolved beyond shushing? Disrespectful and oh-so-juvenile!


  2. Everything that Trump claims, needs to be followed by the quintessential question – HOW?

    Yes, you talk a lot. But you never really get into the nitty gritty details of how you intend to carry out your promises. Intelligent public needs details Mr. Trump. 


  3. Nasty tricks will not always go unnoticed Sen. Ted Cruz. You really need to get your facts right. This is the fastest way to lose voters – deceit is not taken lightly anywhere in the world.

    Reporter – “Sen. Cruz, people think you have no heart”. Sen. Cruz – *giggles*

    For more on the matter, check this out.

  4. Marco Rubio – This was supposed to be your night. But Chris Christie put a damper on that. And how!

    Lesson for the future – please don’t parrot a bunch of words over and over again. Underestimating the intelligence of your opponents and your audience is a grave mistake.  

  5. Ben Carson, John Kasich, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush – I would have liked to hear more from all of you. It was a pity that could not happen Maybe not so much from Jeb Bush, since Trump wants him to stay silent! But in all seriousness, I was happier with the Governors talking as compared to the “others”.

    Why doesn’t anybody let the man talk?!!

  6.  And then this,
    • Disturbing views on illegal immigration and waterboarding.
    • Unclear tactics of handling with ISIS and North Korea.
    • Do not dance around pro-life and same sex marriage topics. We are in the 21st century and it is time we act it. We should change with time or we stand the chance of rotting forever.

      He’s got the moves like jagger!

  7.  Finally, I was left wondering if any one of these people have what it takes to become the next President of the United States. Will one of these men rise above all the confusion and cheap tricks to the tremendous responsibility of governing a nation of diversity?

The master has spoken.