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Remove the safety net!

Remove the safety net!

Let me begin and end the blog with the same question –


Before we begin, I am sorry. I have had absolutely no time over the last week to write. I would fully blame myself for this – I was being unbelievably lazy and all I did was go to school, work out, come home to Netflix. The physical and mental exhaustion takes over you and you are left doing nothing when you are free. I found this interesting picture on Tumblr and couldn’t help but share it here! This is pretty much my life right now!


Here I am, writing on Monday morning 20 minutes before my class. This is what college does to you!

Back to the blog – I am currently sharing an apartment with two other people. My previous roommates graduated and moved out and I am still getting used to the new ones. So yesterday, we finally started talking while cleaning the kitchen. I found out a lot about my new roommates and I must say, they are both very interesting people.

One of my roommates is an agri-business major – coming from a country that has a majority of engineers and doctors, her choice of profession intrigued me. That was when she told me that everyone in her family (all of them are Indians, mind you) chose the “non-engineering” path. Her sister is studying English literature and most of her cousins are in varied fields of arts. I was particularly interested in one cousin of hers who is an amazing painter and a model. She was showing me a lot of pictures of her and that had me evaluate my entire life (we all have such days!).


At the age of 32, my roommate’s cousin is a self-made woman – she lives on her own in the beautiful city of Pondicherry – a city in India that is equivalent to New Orleans in the US (French colonies and all that). She has refused to get married till she finds “the one”. She attends a lot of art conferences all over the world and in short, lives life to the fullest. Her best friend is into pottery and that’s how she makes a livelihood.

Here’s a picture of Pondicherry – it is one of my favorite cities in India!


When I hear or see the lives of people who chose the path less trodden, I suddenly feel bad about my choices. I do enjoy being an engineer, but this was a safe bet. Everything has always been about stability and having something to “fall back on”. There have always been Plan B’s and Plan C’s. I often wonder, if by being so careful about everything, have I lost out on the various opportunities to discover more about myself.

Anyways, after yesterday, I have decided to not let my mind be clouded by always playing safe. It will be difficult to get out of this groove that I have comfortably sat myself in, but I will be starting soon. I need to go out there and do things that scare me. We all do. Everyone who is too scared to move out of their comfort zone – take the leap. Get rid of the shackles. The world has so much to offer – you cannot see all of it if you are working behind a computer screen for 80 hours a week.


Kudos to those women and men, who are sticking to their guns and living the life that many are afraid to even dream of.

Now, think back and tell me –



Remembering Alice Paul


I was checking out the Google Doodle today and realized that today was the 131st birthday of Alice Paul. There have been instances where I have seen these doodles and forgotten about it in a matter of few seconds. But something in the doodle caught my eye today – Alice Paul was a feminist, she fought for equality and women’s right to vote. I was initially quite embarrassed about the  fact that up until today, I had no idea who Alice Paul was and I proclaimed to be a feminist. Anyways, here is a small summary I put together of who she was and what she did for women.


Alice Paul was a very well-read woman. With a PhD in sociology and a Doctorate in Civil Laws, she was a radical reformist with a  staunch belief in women’s right to vote and equality of women. Despite being imprisoned and subjected to severe brutality several times during her tenure as the co-founder of the National Woman’s Party (NWP), she tirelessly worked towards realizing her goals. A story that touched me deeply were the events that unfolded during the Night of Terror. Despite facing severe brutality by the authorities – and this included being force fed raw eggs with a tube pushed down her throat – Alice Paul continued to remain strong and fight for her cause. The part that makes me proud to be a woman is that after the court’s ruling on the Night of Terror –

The decision declared that every one of the women suffragists who picketed the White House was illegally arrested, illegally convicted, and illegally imprisoned. The women could have filed suits for damages, false arrest and imprisonment at once, however they did not.

And all this happened in the early 1900’s. More often than not, I end up wondering what we kind of progress we have had as women. A lot of times I end up sensing a gut-wrenching despair – I don’t see many women in engineering disciplines in higher degrees, not so many women back at work and not as many women in politics either (Here, I am proud to be an Indian, at lease we had a Prime Minister and some very strong female political figures). But then, the feeling passes. We are stronger than we ever were and we are only going up from here. Take a moment and be proud women and men all over the world!



About Samara


“Why write a blog?” I ask myself this one question over and over again. “You have a journal that you promise to keep up every year and you always stop once January ends”. The answer to the question is simple really – the impact. I have thoughts that I would want to share not just with an inanimate object or a bunch of friends. There are issues that I believe need a more widespread response.


Now, coming back to me (I always love coming back to me!) – I am a woman in my 20’s and like many women in their 20’s, I am clueless about most of the things in life. This is further complicated by the fact that I want so much out of life. The pursuit of happiness is something that has driven me to the brink of craziness. Did I mention that I am an Electrical Engineer with a Masters Degree? (I don’t care much for it. I’d have rather been a Computer Science Engineer)

So you might have already guessed – I am slightly narcissistic (but who isn’t?). I have this constant tendency of wanting more – this drive has led me to better places no doubt, but has always left me feeling pretty dissatisfied with whatever I have. DO NOT think for a moment that I am a dark brooding person – people who know me/have met me will agree that I am always the belle of the ball (aannndd the narcism kicks in).

I want this blog to be more of a recording, if you will, of my quest in discovering more about myself and learning to be happy with what I have (that does NOT mean I am settling). I don’t want to know my limitations, I want to stretch them and go beyond. I have strong opinions about a lot of issues that might not necessarily line up with the thoughts of the masses – I want to voice those here. I don’t want to go on a philosophical rant (I am not qualified enough for it) but I do want to discuss issues that might not have one answer. And as a reader, I want you to comment away! Let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. This is the first time I have blogged EVER and I hope this turns out to be a successful venture.