Strong Intuition = Strong Conviction

Strong Intuition  = Strong Conviction

The last 72 hours has been such a blur. I was in Champaign, Illinois- spending the last ten days of a glorious vacation lazing around while my boyfriend went to school to continue his research. A few days before I left, he developed a rash and a painful boil on his left elbow. This was further accompanied by chills and fever. He visited the doctors several time and they started draining the puss out of his boil. The day that I was supposed to leave to Texas to continue school, his hand had swollen to twice its normal size. I kept telling him that I wanted to stay but he insisted that I leave since school was starting soon. So against my better judgement I left Champaign at 3:00 am on the 16th morning. I reached Houston at around 11:00 am or so and had to wait a solid 3 hours for a ride to College Station. I finally reached College Station, Texas at a little over 5:30 pm. While I was on my way back, I heard from my boyfriend that the doctors has got the results of the tests on his puss and that he was infected with the MRSA bacteria. For those of you who don’t know, MRSA is an evolved and antibiotic resistant bacteria. The medication given by them was not working on the MRSA that my boyfriend was infected with and they wanted him to be admitted to a hospital as soon as possible. You can only imagine the amount I kicked myself for coming back that day. As soon as I came to College Station, I decided to check WebMD to learn more about the disease. And yes, it is very true what they say everywhere. Do not Google your symptoms or a disease, because the internet only provides the most grotesque possible diagnosis. By the time I read the whole thing, I was reduced to a sack of tears. In a hurry, I decided to head back to Houston that very day and take the flight on the 17th morning at 8:00 am. Luckily, the person who gave me a ride to Houston from College Station turned out to be an angel in disguise. He was super friendly and ever so accommodating. Once I reached the airport, I met 3 different people, each of whom left a long lasting impression on me. I also learnt in the middle of the night, that my boyfriend was undergoing surgery to drain out the puss pockets that were formed in his elbow. He continued telling me that he had got everything under control and that all was well and I should return to Houston. The idiot even sent me a selfie from the hospital, but given how I was on the verge of tears for the past 12 hours, his picture only made matters worse.

On a lighter note: Guys – word of advice, don’t send your girlfriends/wives pictures of you in the hospital. It will only make them want to cry their eyes out more!

IMG-20160116-WA0003 (2).jpg

By the end of the night, I was more resolved to go to Champaign than ever. So, by the time I reached Chicago airport, it was around 10:00 am on 17th morning. I had to wait for a shuttle to Champaign till 1:00 pm and finally by the time I reached the hospital, it was 4:00 pm on the 17th. The next 24 hours went faster than ever, with regular visits from the doctors and nurses up until his discharge on the 18th late morning. After completing all the formalities, we finally got home by 4:00 or 5:00 pm on the 18th and then I was on a mission. A mission to clean up his room, do lots and lots of laundry and basically conduct a hygiene revamp of his living situation! Before I knew it, night had fallen and I was walking in -18 degrees weather to take his clothes from the drier. Since it looked like he was making good recovery, I booked my flight on Tuesday night and booked yet another charter from Champaign to Chicago and here I am, writing and hoping that I can publish my post with the current pathetic state of Wifi in the charter. I still have another good six to seven hours to go before I reach College Station and that is IF everything goes well in Chicago and Houston. So I am keeping my fingers crossed! So to summarize my travel itinerary for the past 72 hours:

16th Jan 3:00 am  – Left Champaign to Chicago by Charter

16th Jan 8:30 am – Flew from Chicago to Houston

16th Jan 2:00 pm – Ride from Houston to College Station

16th Jan 5:00 pm  – Reached College Station

16th Jan 7:40 pm – Ride from College Station to Houston

17th Jan 8:30 am – Flew from Houston to Chicago

17th Jan 1:00 pm – Left Chicago to Champaign by Charter

17th Jan 4:00 pm – Reached the hospital

19th Jan 3:00 pm – Left Champaign to Chicago by Charter

19th Jan 6:25 pm – Reached Chicago O’hare Airport

19th Jan  8:45 pm – Flying from Chicago to Houston (Hoping to fly on time)

19th Jan 11:30 pm – Reach Houston (if all goes well)

20th Jan 2:00 am – Reach College Station (if all goes doubly well)

I guess the point of my whole discussion was that, following intuition is of utmost importance to everybody. It is not easy and might feel utterly random and foolish. But you have that “gut feeling” for a reason – someone put it there for a reason. Don’t disregard this as something unimportant because if you do, then nature/God has a way of turning tables such that you are back to being exactly where He/She/It intended you to be.

Wish me luck!


About samaranao

I am one of those people who make life altering plans in the shower but never really act upon it. I am not dark and brooding - but I am one of those 20 something women who want a lot from life but are still unsure of what exactly they want. I enjoy most of the clichéd hobbies - I love traveling, reading (I read a LOT), engaging myself in endless conversations with friends and family. I have always loved writing - this has been one of those life altering plans that I kept putting off. Well, as we are nearing the end of 2015, I decided to start working on my resolutions a little ahead of time. I hope this sticks around for long!

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  1. Oh I definitely wish you luck, lots of it. Sounds like you’ve both been through so much. Glad to hear your boyfriend is getting better and I agree with you on Dr Google. Better not to know the gruesome details of some stuff. Better to trust your instinct and gut feelings. All the best, and take care. xx

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