Welcome 2016

Welcome 2016

Another year..gone! The chilly Decembers have paved way to a colder and drearier January  – with the silver lining being the promise of  a “great year ahead”.

Many a times, if you think of it, a new year always symbolizes a “fresh start” of sorts. You have 366 days to finally start that travelogue, bake that creamy pudding pie or lose those last 5 pounds. Taking opportunity of this is totally left to us.

Then there are people like me, who make strong resolutions and let all the other things in life take over.

“Today is finally the day I read War and Peace..oh wait, 30 Rock marathon is on”

So I have decided to take it easy this year – make a few realistic resolutions and make them one month at a time! That way, when December comes, I will not be looking back on the year and wondering how much of my resolutions I actually fulfilled.

Then there are people like this:


Yes, you are Calvin.

Happy New Year folks! Hope we all have a great year ahead!

About samaranao

I am one of those people who make life altering plans in the shower but never really act upon it. I am not dark and brooding - but I am one of those 20 something women who want a lot from life but are still unsure of what exactly they want. I enjoy most of the clichéd hobbies - I love traveling, reading (I read a LOT), engaging myself in endless conversations with friends and family. I have always loved writing - this has been one of those life altering plans that I kept putting off. Well, as we are nearing the end of 2015, I decided to start working on my resolutions a little ahead of time. I hope this sticks around for long!

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